The 5 Keys to People Building a Successful, Scalable Business

Having the properly motivated and engaged staff is more important than your products or services when it comes to success in business.

To give your business the best chance of industry leading performance its vital to have the right people, properly motivated and thoroughly engaged in your business.  You can have a totally ground breaking unique and needed products but without the right team you will never build a successful company.”

Business owners that get involved in all decisions, big and small, run the risk of burn out and reducing the business to a crawl as staff wait for authority to continue with their work.  I work with owners that have a real passion for their business, work 60 hours plus, have great people working for them but the bigger the business gets the busier they get and the slower decisions are made.

This is a recipe for disaster for the owner, his family and the business.  But this does not have to be the way Business owners can have their cake and eat it to.

By building the right cultural, training and training framework your business can become truly scalable allowing the business to run itself without the owner needing to be directly involved.

Five elements which are key to building this culture are the following:

  1. New staff selection: Ensure the values of the new staff align with yours and that of the business.  Take your time and find the right staff.  They are worth the wait.
  2. New Staff Induction and Training: Don’t just drop your staff at the desk.  Spend time ensuring they truly understand the driving force of the business and how their job fits into the system.
  3. Communication: Understand and appreciate your direct reports. This approach will filter down through the organisation.
  4. Reporting Framework and Feedback: When a team member has made the wrong decision Focus on the actions rather than the person.
  5. Celebrate the Wins: In most organisation we engage with our coworkers more than our family.  Celebrating the wins even if it’s just a token, it all helps to build a positive culture.

The implementation of these 5 elements will provide the opportunity to give staff autonomy in their roles and freedom to make decisions, vital to building a successful, scalable business.

For more information on how to build your business, improve your systems and engage your staff contact Sean McCormick or the team at MnM Business Solutions.